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12 October 2011 @ 04:23 pm
PFFT :>  
OKAY YEAH SO I'VE BEEN PRETTY DEAD FOR A YEAR OR SO but there is absolutely no one better to blame than my forsaken course! Seriously. If there's one thing I'm totally sure of, it's that Accountancy needs social isolation in order to pass just one semester. WHICH I AM FAILING AT. :(( Blah.

OTHER THAN MY MISFORTUNES IN THE ACADEMIC PORTION OF MY LIFE How is everyone? :> I miss posting on lj but i honestly dont have time to do anything else right now. :( Even though it's sembreak, I'll probably still be busy doing enrollments and extra studying (WHAT THE? :))) for the next semester from hell. :(

AND ANOTHER THING... it's raining really hard outside. :) makes me want to sleep all daaayyy. Just sharing. Hahaha, I think college made my brain go wackier than it already is. :)